…not just another machine shop

Nasty Engines isn’t just another machine shop. In addition to providing every machine shop service your automotive, marine, or industrial engine would ever need, at Nasty we also pride ourselves on exceptional quality, quick turnaround time, and super-competitive pricing. We’re not just a machine shop services provider, at Nasty Engines we keep in stock already-machined/ready-to-go engine blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods, flywheels, assembled short blocks, and more.

A list of machine shop services we offer (call for pricing):

Engine Block Services

Cylinder Head Services

Other Services

align hone mains angle-mill cylinder head brake rotor resurfacing
balance rotating assembly bowl blending flywheel resurfacing
bore cylinders cc combustion chambers flywheel/pressure plate balancing
cam bearing installation cc intake and exhaust ports header/exhaust manifold resurfacing
crankshaft oil hole radiusing combustion chamber polishing hot tank intake manifold
crankshaft polishing gasket-match exhaust ports
double crank key for blower gasket-match intake ports
engine assembly complete hot tank cylinder head
freeze plug installation magnaflux cylinder head
hard blok filling port & polish basic
hone cylinders pressure test cylinder head
hone lifter bores resurface cylinder head
hot tank connecting rods screw-in-stud and guideplate conversion V8
hot tank engine block valve grind
lifter oversizing valve guide work
o-ring block deck for boost valve job complete basic
piston pin reconditioning valve job complete competition
piston removal & replacement valve seat work
resurface engine block valve size increase
rod reconditioning valve spring performance setup
sleeve cylinder installation valve spring pocket machining
stroker clearancing
valve relief fly cutting