About Nasty Engines

Nasty Engines is an engine machine shop that is owned and operated by gearheads, hot rodders and speed enthusiasts. Nastys is a fun and friendly environment that is sure to change your perception of a "machine shop." As learned from experience, we understand the importance of a job done right the first time, in less time. We pride ourselves on fast turn around time, competitive pricing, and exceptional work quality. We build engines of all sizes and all kinds from powersports, automotive (domestic and import), to heavy duty and marine, taking them from factory-stock to PURE NASTY! Nasty is a one stop shop for all your engine performance needs!


Erik Henry: Shop Owner

Erik and his wife Kelly started Nasty Engines in the Reno/Sparks area to provide an improved experience for the ever growing "gearhead" community of Northern Nevada. Erik has spent more than 30 years as an avid hobbyist and has been machining and engine building most of that time.

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Dan Foote: Machinist

Dan is a very thorough and meticulous machinist, he carries over a decade of machining experience under his belt. Dan has done many unique and extremely difficult jobs, all of which he completed them with top notch quality.

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Cody Vidovcich: Machinist

Cody has been machining for over 11 years as well and specializes in cylinder heads and high performance machining. From stock builds and custom head builds, to power sports, antique and Diesel, he's done it all.

Some of Our State-of-the-Art Machinery

Engine Assembly Room
Piston Pin Press and Rod Hone Machine
T&S Rotating Assembly Balancer
Cylinder Head and Engine Block Area
Kwik-Way Valve Grinder
Serdi 4.0 Valve Seat and Guide Machine
T&S Surfacer
Cylinder Power Hone
Rottler F5 Boring Bar
Rod Reconditioning Area
Brake Rotor Lathe, Exhaust Manifold Grinder, and Flywheel Grinder
heavy-duty press
Axe Pressure Tester
Serdi 4.0 Valve Seat and Guide Machine
T&S Surfacer
Line Hone
Rottler F79A C&C
DynoJet In-Ground Chassis Dyno